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Costs Containment

Efficient cost containment goes beyond simple reduction of a hospital invoice. Indeed, our experience has taught us that there are no advantages to separate the assistance from 
the cost containment.
 For over 30 years, Mega Assistance has combined the highest quality of assistance services with rigorous healthcare management.

As an insurer, we understand that you need to save money at all stages of beneficiary coverage. Mega Assistance is well-experienced at preventing “over-treatment”(hospitals ordering unnecessary tests and/or procedures to lengthen the stay of an insured patient.) If your beneficiary only needs 2 days hospitalization, we ensure s/he is discharged in two days, not 5 or more!  Our medical team focuses on both the actual medical needs of your beneficiary as well as your own bottom-line needs without compromising either one.

We have an in-house negotiation department and we use traditional PPOS and consolidators to achieve the best reprising levels. We get, on average, between 25 % and 60 % discount on the medical invoices.

One example of how Mega Assistance’s high standards of ethics occurred in 2009, when 4 beneficiaries of one of our principals were involved in a motor vehicle accident in California.  Hospitalization and repatriation resulted in a total final invoice of 500,000$ USD.  We could have easily processed for reduction and collected our discount fees, but Mega Assistance goes the extra mile, and we were able to determine that the automobile insurance was responsible for the full amount.

In the end, our principal paid nothing except our low basic case fee for the totality of assistance services we provided.  

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