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House Call Doctors and Clinics

More than 92% of the visits we arranged in 2018 were costing less than 450$ USD with our fee included, with our fee included. Our international network of housecall doctors and clinics built worldwide over the past 30 years allows us to offer a solid alternative to the hospital visits that are usually much more expensive and less convenient for the patient, when it is not medically necessary. Thanks to these services, we are able to save our clients an average of 30 to 70% on medical expenses while focusing on the comfort of the beneficiary with no payment upfront requested.

Click here to know more about the cities and countries available for housecall and clinics.

We are also able to arrange visits and to send our guarantee of payments on your behalf to hospitals and specialists worldwide (Guarantee of payment to providers/ No-pay arrangements for the beneficiary) .

Some complex cases require the organization of medical transportation and repatriation that we provide with experienced air ambulance services, medical and air officers (Medical transportation | Repatriation)  

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